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Shannon Browning L.M.T., Aesthetician
Massage is used for a multitude of personal reasons.  
While some people come for pain management others
come for stress reduction, to relax and quiet their

What is unique about massage is that no matter what
your reason for contacting a massage therapist, not
only will you improve in your specific area of need but
also will experience positive physiological, mental and
emotional benefits as well.
Shannon Browning is a locally based, Licensed
Massage Therapist specializing in integrative, intuitive
Deep Tissue massage since 2001.

She utilizes her mastery of Swedish, Deep Tissue,
Trigger Point and Myofascial Release to offer a
profoundly integrative session intended to allow you
the space to create health for yourself and to sustain
your body and restore your spirit.
WimberleyTx. 78676