The Muscle Group
Massage Therapy
New Clients Save $15.00 on Your First Visit!
What to wear:

I will always respect your modesty and privacy. I work on my clients
either dressed or undressed, and always appropriately covered
with sheets.

How to reach me:

I may be reached by phone or email. If I do not answer, please
leave a detailed message regarding your desired appointment time,
as well as your goals for the session. I will return your call or email
within 24 hours.

For Appointments Call:  

512-842-7551 or Email  


I work by appointment only.


Tipping is your choice.  I can assure you that anything above and
beyond the cost of your massage is greatly appreciated.

Located in picturesque Wimberley, Tx


This is a professional
NON-sexual massage only!  Please do not
ask for anything other than that.  Thank you.

Wimberley, Texas 78676