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Gift Certificates and Packages

Wondering what to give that special someone?   
Massage is the perfect gift.   It goes with all decor, fits all sizes, is
never the wrong color, and best of all, never has to be dusted!  It's
great for the person who has everything.

Gift certificates are also the perfect solution when  you need a last
minute gift.  

Corporate gift certificates are a great way to thank clients, reward
employees, and delight co-workers.

Give them a massage — they’ll thank you for it!
Purchase Individual Gift Certificates

You may add gratuity below.

If you need more than one you can change the quantity in the paypal shopping cart.

30-Minute Massage Gift Certificate - $40.00

60-Minute Massage Gift Certificate - $70.00

90-Minute Massage Gift Certificate - $100.00

120-Minute Massage Gift Certificate - $140.00

Please Contact Us for any other amount or service.

~ You may add a Tip here ~

Purchase Individual Packages

Individual packages are designed to be given to one person - for
example, you buy 10 massages all for your mom. Save 10% when
you purchase a package of 10 massages.

10 - 60 minute massages - $630      (save $70)

10 - 90 minute massages -  $900     (save $100)

10 - 120 minute massages - $1260   (save $140)


Gratuities/tips  accepted.  You may add a gratuity in $5.00
increments.  You may change the quantity in the shopping cart to
reflect the amount you want to add, if you do not find the amount
in the drop down list, which goes up to $50.00 (i.e., for a $60 tip,
you would choose $30.00 from the drop down menu and on the
Checkout Cart page, change the number in the "quantity" box to 2).
About Gift Certificate Packages and Individual

◦Gift certificates expire in six months

◦All Individual Packages sold will include an expected date of
conclusion and an expiration date.

◦There are no refunds on Gift Certificates, Gift Certificate
Packages or Individual Packages.

◦Gift Certificates will be mailed within 48 hours of ordering to an
address you specify or you may pick them up via appointment at
my office.

◦Gift Certificates can be personalized, and details can be emailed
to me at or phoned in at 940-536-3068.

◦Details include salutation and signature.  Examples: Happy
Birthday Mary, with Love from Steve.Thanks for your Busines Ms.
Smith, from The Realtors.
For further information or to schedule an appointment,
please call or email