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Massage Therapy
Here is what Shannon's clients have to say!
"The massages I have received from Shannon are the only
ones that I left feeling relaxed in body, mind and spirit. She
has the gift of a healer. She is skilled in reducing and
removing chronic pain that only masters seem to possess.
Her sensitivity to the body is profound."

~Sherry Matteson, M.A.

"I am made to feel better -more peaceful, relaxed, happier-
by Shannon's very presence, as well as her obvious skill and
professionalism. I give her hands and spirit the highest

~so says me, Walt Wilkins

"I started seeing Shannon in February of 2002 on the
recommendation of my mother. My mom had been a client
for some time and couldn't stop raving about Shannon.
What's not to love? Shannon takes time to find out what your
lifestyle is like so that she can personalize your massage and
target muscle areas accordingly.

I was training for a marathon when I first started seeing
Shannon, and she suggested stretches that I could
incorporate to help relieve some of the muscle strain from
running such long distances. Shannon fully devotes herself to
each client. You will not be disappointed."

~Elizabeth Bolt

"Thanks to Shannon, I now have “range of motion” on both

~Thad Bonduris

"When I got back from Iraq, I couldn't even walk without it
hurting. Shannon's healing hands have helped me enjoy life
again. Thank you for your healing Shannon."

~Mary Gonzalez

"I have been a massage therapist for 25 years and can
honestly say that I have experienced few therapists as gifted
as Shannon. She is compassionate and intuitive in her
massage and provides a safe and nurturing environment for
her clients. I now make it through the week knowing that my
massage from Shannon is waiting at the end!"

~Kim Drown L.M.T.
Located in Wimberley, TX
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